A Mayor For
All People

  • Coalitions

    Together, we can find solutions that improve people’s lives, just as Alternative Solutions Advocacy Project did with Denver’s first tiny home village. Housing is not the only problem that needs broad collaboration. From education to the environment, we need strong coalitions to address the wide variety of problems we face today.
  • Climate

    We need to tackle climate change head on. I am proud to co-chair a Denver Department of Environmental Health committee that produces an annual sustainability symposium, help direct the Resource Innovation Institute, and to have supported the Green Roofs Initiative in 2017. The people of Denver have spoken and, like me, are ready for action addressing climate change and our growing environmental problems.
  • Forward

    Mentorship that mobilizes and empowers young people to take control of their lives and be active in the world around them is imperative for a bright future. For over a decade I’ve been active in groups like Denver Kids, Colorado Youth Symphony Orchestra, and Students for Sensible Drug Policy to help do just that.
  • Solutions

    Collaboration amongst diverse stakeholders requires patience and a willingness to find common ground to ensure decisions made are best for the collective whole. I founded art&, a civically-minded art symposium, to start a dialogue between segmented leadership in our community to explore what can be achieved when we understand intersectionality, break out of our silos and work together.
  • Investment

    Supporting and investing in small business owners and their workers will add to the richness and diversity of our city, grow our local economy, and increase its sustainability. I’m proud to have started businesses that feed into the local economy, highlight the value of creativity, like my magazine Birdy, and give back to the city.
  • Opportunity

    We must create real economic empowerment opportunities for all Denver residents. Unfortunately, stagnant wages, tax breaks to wealthy developers, exploitation of workers, and the prioritization of multinational corporations over local entrepreneurs by our elected officials has created a gap in equity that grows larger each day. We must return to investing in education, small businesses, and a local economy that thrives in partnership with our workforce. I plan to increase the minimum wage and small business loan funding, and simplify licensing and permitting processes for startups. Opportunity is created by investing in the people, companies and issues important to us here, in Denver. This is what I do, and have done for over a decade in this city. I know we can do much better.
  • Government Transparency

    Almost every day brings a new report or article about the egregious waste, dishonesty, dysfunction, and lack of communication stemming from City Hall. Our government must be answerable to the people, and that accountability is only possible if we have all the facts. That requires transparency and open dialogue with our communities. We require increased transparency in how our tax dollars are spent, how our government officials spend their time, who they are beholden to, and why they are prioritizing certain projects over others. As your Mayor, I will lead transparently, openly, and focus on the issues that most intimately affect you. I will stand up to special interests as I have done repeatedly throughout my life and fight for you to make sure you get what you need to succeed and thrive.
  • Environment

    On the surface, Denver may seem like a hub of environmentally friendly policies and practices. Sadly, that is far from the case. Denver is home to the most polluted zip code in the US. We are 11th worst in air quality, 3rd worst for urban heat islands, and almost dead last for recycling. We must tackle these problems head on if we have any hope of improving our local environment, fighting against climate change, and growing sustainably. As Mayor, I will lead the charge in collaborating to fix these problems and as we continue working together to protect our environmental progress for generations to come. We must end the environmental racism happening in our city as well as preserve our green spaces. We cannot let irresponsible development destroy our beautiful city.
  • Public Health

    Equity in health for all Denver residents is non-negotiable. Currently, leadership is failing our most vulnerable residents. We are home to the most polluted zip code in America, our life expectancy varies by up to a decade depending on the neighborhood you live in, and opiate overdoses are spiraling out of control. To improve this, we must view public health decisions made in this city through a lens of harm reduction, including immediately ceasing the criminalization of poverty, homelessness and mental illness. We must increase investment in mental health and substance abuse services, and divert non-violent offenders away from our prison pipeline. My life’s focus has been on developing and implementing these equitable practices, and I’m ready to continue this work in the city I love.
  • Transportation

    Communities are sustained through their connectivity. We must work together to establish a multi-modal transportation system that isn’t just appropriate for our needs today, but keeps us connected for the decades of growth to come. We currently lead the nation in automobile dependence while taxpayer investments continue to fuel the widening of roads, neglecting forward-thinking transit solutions. I will prioritize efforts to increase ridership on existing rail lines, increase bus rapid transit routes, install miles of protected bike lanes, and reinstate Denver’s robust streetcar network. When we are ready to ditch the 1950’s mindset that is driving the disastrous I-70 expansion, we will have the money to fund these advancements. What we need is the will.
  • Housing

    Development is inevitable, but displacement doesn’t need to be. We must invest in attainable housing options to ensure every Denver resident has a roof over their head, and make certain those who already rent or own homes can stay in them. We must do better to retain the diverse and tenured communities that make Denver unique. I plan to achieve this by increasing funding in affordable housing, establishing community land trusts, requiring TIF monies be used only for affordable housing projects, instituting a Renter’s Bill of Rights, and revising an archaic zoning code that is not considerate of how people are living today in our thriving city. I have and will continue to be a champion for these forward-thinking housing options.

Hi, I'm Kayvan

About Me

I'm a proud product of Denver, by way of Lincoln, Nebraska. I am a community advocate who puts people ahead of profits and isn’t afraid to stand up to special interests to do what is right. From living on my own at 16 years old, to being a entrepreneur and community advocate, I bring together broad coalitions of people to find solutions and get things done for the residents of Denver.

I've used my 14 years in Denver to fight for forward-thinking social policy that is more compassionate in how we address drug use and homelessness as matters of public health, build local businesses that give back to our community, serve on the boards of nonprofits across the city, and spearhead practical solutions to critical problems. I will bring this kind of leadership to Denver as Mayor.



What We're Fighting For

Why I'm Running

We Need a Denver That Works for All People

I am running for Mayor of Denver because I believe in the future of our city and its people.

The people of Denver deserve a city that helps them achieve their dreams, that helps them thrive. Together, we can ensure Denver is the forward-thinking, unique, inclusive, and equitable city we all know it can be. A vibrant city succeeds through collaboration as we seek equitable and practical solutions to our most pressing problems. I will bring that kind of leadership to City Hall as your Mayor.

Through a synthesis of art, community engagement, education, entrepreneurship, and government, we can move Denver into a prosperous future. Denver's government, can, should, and must listen to its people. The people of Denver know what we need.

We need a Denver that works for ALL people.



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