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Hi, I'm Kayvan

About Me

I am driven by a desire to make life better for all people. I am driven by the values I see still very prevalent in Denver - equity, creativity, diversity, and community. I’ve been fortunate that the sacrifices I’ve made and the hard work I’ve put into entrepreneurship and philanthropy have paid off. Sadly, those opportunities are becoming increasingly unavailable for many in our city.

Advocating for the people of Denver and ensuring they have a strong ally in their corner also motivate me. Without the city’s help, our community is doing great work to lift people up and out of homelessness, out of cycles of poverty and drug addiction, and out of vast disparities in education and economic opportunity. We need more from our elected officials.

Denver has a long way to go to become the city our people imagine - a city that serves them, that is equitable and fair.

I want to serve the people of Denver and give all I can of myself to build the city the people of Denver deserve.

What We're Fighting For


We must invest in attainable housing options to ensure every Denver resident has a roof over their head, and make certain those who already rent or own homes can stay in them. This is achieved through developing creative transitional and long-term housing options, instituting a Renter’s Bill of Rights, and revising an archaic zoning code that is not considerate of how people are living today in our thriving city. I have and will continue to be a champion for these forward-thinking housing options.


We must work together with communities to establish a multi-modal transportation system that isn’t just appropriate for our needs today, but keeps us connected for the decades of growth to come. Right now, Denver lags behind many cities in this country and around the world when it comes to providing accessible and affordable transportation options. We lead the nation in our dependence on automobiles as our taxpayer investments continue to fuel the widening of roads while neglecting public transit options, protected bike lanes, and neighborhood sidewalks. Let’s change that, together.

Health & Safety

Equity in health and public safety are non-negotiable. To achieve this we must view all decisions made in this city through a lens of harm reduction, but also maximizing benefit for all. Right now, Denver is home to the most polluted zip code in America, as well as the most violent police force. Our life expectancy in this city varies by up to a decade depending on the community you live in, and opiate overdoses are spiraling out of control. We have historically failed, and continue to fail our most vulnerable residents. My life’s focus thus far has been on establishing equity in health and public safety and I’m ready to continue this work.


We must create real ownership in opportunity for Denver residents, which won’t be found in attracting multinational companies to our city, or touting low unemployment rates when wages remain stagnant. It is created by investing in education, skills training, and entrepreneurial pursuits so people can create their own destiny in a way that best fits their life and circumstance. It’s found in providing a living wage, ensuring healthcare, and building a local economy that sustains itself, regardless of national or international economic swings. Opportunity is created by investing in the people, companies and issues here, in Denver. This is what I do, and have done for over a decade in this city. I know we can do better.

Why I'm Running

The Time Is Now

I am running for Mayor of Denver because I’m concerned about the future of our city and our people. As the rate of growth in Denver has increased, our willingness to collaborate and seek equitable, practical solutions to our most pressing problems has dwindled.

We’re losing a battle in the creation of attainable housing and public transportation that keeps pace with demand while wages remain stagnant. We’re selling functions of our government to private, multinational corporations while rampant development is bulldozing some of our most tenured communities with no acknowledgement of their rich history. We’re failing our students and teachers with an educational system that is more segregated than it’s been in decades while our approaches to criminal justice and mental health lag behind many others across the world in approach and investment.

Like most folks I speak to in Denver every day, I know we can do better.

Where We Should Be

My Vision For Denver

The people of Denver make this city special, and it’s to make sure the people of Denver have the city and the leadership they deserve that spurred me to run for Mayor of Denver.

The people of Denver deserve a city that helps them achieve their dreams, that helps them thrive. Through a synthesis of art, community, education, entrepreneurship, and government, we can move Denver into a prosperous future. Together, we can ensure Denver is the forward-thinking, unique, inclusive, and equitable city we all know it can be.

I believe we can do this without asking for more from our taxpayers by more wisely utilizing the resources we’re already generously afforded by Denver’s booming popularity. Denver’s growth should be a catalyst for compassion, innovation, and forward-thinking that cements our identity as an ethical and civic leader for our state and country in this new and uncertain world.


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